Resurrection and Moral Order (2nd ed.)

Resurrection and Moral Order (2nd ed.)

An Outline for Evangelical Ethics.
This seminal work makes a
cogent and compelling case for Christian ethics based on the resurrection of
Jesus Christ. Drawing on a profound knowledge both of the history of Christian
thought and of contemporary ethical theology, O'Donovan illumines such
important concepts as freedom, authority, nature, history and revelation. This
revised edition also includes an extensive new prologue in which the author
enters into critical dialogue with four key figures in Christian ethics: John
Finnis, Martin Honecker, Stanley Hauerwas, and Karl Barth. (= 0802806929 /
'A brilliant account of the Christian life that evokes
both joy and discipline. it is and is destined to remain, a book from which
subsequent attempts to form an evangelical ethic will learn and a standard by
which they will be judged.' - Christianity Today
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Resurrection and Moral Order (2nd ed.)


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