Protestantism after 500 Years

Protestantism after 500 Years

The world stands before a landmark date: October 31, 2017, the
quincentennial of the Protestant Reformation. Countries, social movements,
churches, universities, seminaries, and other institutions shaped by
Protestantism face a daunting question: how should the Reformation be
commemorated 500 years after the fact? Protestantism has been credited for
restoring essential Christian truth, blamed for disastrous church divisions,
and invoked as the cause of modern liberalism, capitalism, democracy,
individualism, modern science, secularism, and so much else.

In this volume, scholars from a variety of disciplines come together to
answer the question of commemoration and put some of the Reformation's
larger themes and trajectories of influence into historical and theological
perspective. Protestantism after 500 Years? examines the historical
significance of the Reformation and considers how we might expand and enrich
the ongoing conversation about Protestantism's impact. The contributors to
this volume conclude that we must remember the Reformation not only because of
the enduring, sometimes painful religious divisions that emerged from this era,
but also because a historical understanding of the Reformation has been a key
factor towards promoting ecumenical progress through communication and mutual

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€ 29,90

Protestantism after 500 Years


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