Paul: A Biography

Paul: A Biography

Regarded by many as the founder of Christianity, Paul of Tarsus is one
of the most controversial and powerful figures in history.

His writings have had an incalculable influence on Western culture and
beyond, and his words continue to guide the lives of over two billion
Christians across the world today.

In this superbly detailed biography, Tom Wright traces Paul's career
from zealous persecutor of the fledging Church, through his journeys as the
world's greatest missionary theologian, to his likely death as a Christian
martyr at the hands of Nero in the mid 60s CE.

Drawing judiciously on the latest research into the Jewish, Greek and
Roman worlds, and enriched by a wealth of critical insight into Paul's own
writings, this is the most rounded portrait of the apostle ever painted - his
development, motivations, spiritual struggles and intellectual achievements,
and his lasting impact over two millennia.

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Paul: A Biography


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