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Knowledge of God in the World and the Word: An Introduction to Classical Apologetics

Knowledge of God in the World and the Word: An Introduction to Classical Apologetics

Amid the crisis of authority in our modern and postmodern era, Christians need to be able to point to God's revelation in the natural world in addition to defending God's unique revelation in the Bible and in the person of Jesus Christ.

Classical apologetics takes a two-step approach to commending the Christian picture of reality. First, arguments for the existence of God, such as those of natural theology, are employed to create common ground with people outside the household of the Christian faith and to provide intellectual support for Christians. Second, classical apologetics defends key items of Christian revelation, including the reliability of the Bible, the identity of the historical Jesus, and the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead.

In Knowledge of God in the World and the Word, authors Douglas Groothuis and Andrew Shepardson provide a simple introduction to classical apologetics that also addresses the most common objections to natural theology. Readers will discover in the book an easy point of entry into understanding why Christian beliefs about Jesus are true and rational. Further, the authors apply the power of classical apologetics to Christian ministry.

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Knowledge of God in the World and the Word: An Introduction to Classical Apologetics


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