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Pilgrim Theology

Pilgrim Theology

Core Doctrines for Christian Disciples.
The 2011 award-winning publication The Christian Faith garnered wide praise as
a thorough, well-informed treatment of the philosophical foundations of
Christian theology, the classical elements of systematic theology, and exegesis
of relevant biblical texts. Pilgrim Theology distills the distinctive benefits
of this approach into a more accessible introduction designed for classroom and
group study.
In this book, Michael Horton guides readers through a preliminary exploration
of Christian theology in 'a Reformed key.' Horton reviews the biblical passages
that give rise to a particular doctrine in addition to surveying past and
present interpretations. Also included are sidebars showing the key
distinctions readers need to grasp on a particular subject, helpful charts and
tables illuminating exegetical and historical topics, and questions at the end
of each chapter for individual, classroom, and small group reflection.
Pilgrim Theology will help undergraduate students of theology and educated
laypersons gain an understanding of the Christian tradition's biblical and
historical foundations.
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Pilgrim Theology


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