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The Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit

Who is the Holy Spirit and how does the Spirit come to be in relation to the
Father and the Son? What is the mission of the Spirit and where does it come
from? Chris Holmes takes up the questions surrounding the SpiritÆs procession
and mission with the help of three of the churchÆs greatest teachersùAugustine,
Thomas Aquinas, and Karl Barth.
Drawing on their engagements with the Fourth Gospel, Holmes presents an account
of the SpiritÆs identity, origin, and acts, to show how the acts of the Spirit
derive from the SpiritÆs life in relation to Father and Sonùand the extent to
which the SpiritÆs mission testifies to the SpiritÆs origin.
Holmes presents a way forward for pneumatology. Housed within the doctrine of
the Trinity, pneumatologyÆs joyful task is to describe the SpiritÆs acts among
us in light of their source in the SpiritÆs acts in God. The end of this
inquiry is our beatitudeùknowledge of the Trinity that yields to love of the
With its scriptural alertness, its generous appropriation of elements of " classical Christian thought, and its dogmatic intelligence and scope, this is a
rewarding study of the lordly and life-giving Spirit."$9780310491705"
Series: New Studies in Dogmatics.
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The Holy Spirit


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