Awakening the Evangelical Mind

Awakening the Evangelical Mind

n Intellectual History of the Neo-Evangelical.
The first major study to draw upon unknown or neglected sources, as well as
original interviews with figures like Billy Graham, Awakening the Evangelical
Mind uniquely tells the engaging story of how evangelicalism developed as an
intellectual movement in the middle of the 20th century. Beginning with the
life of Harold Ockenga, Strachan shows how Ockenga brought together a small
community of Christian scholars at Harvard University in the 1940s who agitated
for a reloaded Christian intellect.
With fresh insights based on original letters and correspondence, Strachan
highlights key developments in the movement by examining the early years and
humble beginnings of such future evangelical luminaries as George Eldon Ladd,
Edward John Carnell, John Gerstner, Gleason Archer, Carl Henry, and Kenneth
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Awakening the Evangelical Mind


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