Introduction to Biblical Interpretation (3rd ed.)

Introduction to Biblical Interpretation (3rd ed.)

Introduction to Biblical Interpretation, now in its third edition, is a
bestselling hermeneutics textbook that sets forth concise, logical, and
practical guidelines for discovering the truth in God's Word. With
updates and revisions throughout that keep pace with current scholarship, this
book offers students the best and most up-to-date information needed to
interpret Scripture.

Introduction to Biblical Interpretation:

* Defines and describes
hermeneutics, the science of biblical interpretation
* Suggests effective methods
to understand the meaning of the biblical text
* Surveys the literary,
cultural, social, and historical issues that impact any text
* Evaluates both traditional
and modern approaches to Bible interpretation
* Examines the reader's
role as an interpreter of the text and helps identify what the reader brings to
the text that could distort its message
* Tackles the problem of how
to apply the Bible in valid and significant ways today
* Provides an extensive and
revised annotated list of books that readers will find helpful in the practice
of biblical interpretation

Used in college and seminary classrooms around the world, this textbook
is a trusted and valuable tool for students and other readers who desire to
understand and apply the Bible.

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Introduction to Biblical Interpretation (3rd ed.)


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