From Awakening to Secession

From Awakening to Secession

Radical Evangelicals in Switzerland and Britain, 1815-35.
A major study of the impact of the Swiss Réveil (Awakening) on British
evangelicals in the 1820s. This book provides an important synthesis of a
variety of tendencies and movements which have usually been treated and
understood as separate. By resisting the temptation to read back into the 1820s
the partisan labels of later decades, Timothy Stunt rediscovers the common
ground which was shared by a wide spectrum of Christians who were later seen as
mutually hostile. The author considers the influence of the Awakening on
radical attitudes to mission and ecclesiastical radicalism in Ireland,
pre-Tractarian Oxford, and Scotland. In dealing with the reluctant movement
towards secession from the established church, Stunt illuminates and
reinterprets the origins of the early Catholic Apostolic Church and the
1. Introduction: A Century of Reason and Revolution
2. The Genevan Reveil
3. The Reveil in the Canton of Vaud
4. Awakenings in the Canton of Berne
5. The Impact of the Swiss Reveil in Britain
6. Radical Missionary Perspectives
7. Ecclesiastical Radicals in Ireland
8. Pre-Tractarian Oxford
9. Scottish Parallels
10. Crisis and Division: 1831-32
11. New Beginnings and a Swiss Response
A significant contribution to scholarship at the highest level." - " David W. Bebbington
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From Awakening to Secession


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