Calvin's First Catechism

Calvin's First Catechism

A Commentary. Featuring Ford Lewis' Battles Translation of the 1538 Catechism.
John Calvin's first catechism - originally written in French in 1537 and then
in Latin in 1538 - provides a valuable, clear, and concise introduction to his
thought. Now for the first time, readers have available Ford Lewis Battles'
English translation of the 1538 Latin edition and a current discussion of it in
the same volume. This commentary on the first catechism also utilizes other
sources such as Calvin's Commentaries and Institutes, as well as the latest
Calvin research. This volume is an excellent introduction to Calvin's theology
and will be useful as a text for college and seminary courses as well as church
discussion groups.
Series: Columbia Series in Reformed Theology.
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Calvin's First Catechism


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