The Legacy

The Legacy

The Dramatic Conclusion to the Secrets of the Shetlands

Loni Ford's unexpected inheritance of substantial real estate--not
to mention a title--in the Shetland Islands has caused more than a stir in the
quiet fishing hamlet of Whales Reef. How can life ever be the same with an
outsider--and a woman at that--playing such a pivotal role in the life of this
traditional community? But it isn't just the locals who have deep
misgivings about the current situation. Loni herself never imagined this in her
wildest dreams and wonders whether she's cut out for it.

Loni would hardly let herself acknowledge that she's falling in
love--with Whales Reef, with its hardy people, and with local chieftain David
Tulloch, whose inheritance she has usurped, at least in the eyes of some. Or
has she merely been seduced by the simple, peaceful way of life that exists

Yet life in Whales Reef is rarely without drama. Deep rifts exist
between certain lifelong neighbors, and when a dead body is discovered,
suspicion is cast in the direction of the Tulloch family. How Loni and David
face up to this challenge will profoundly shape their relationship, as well as
the future of the island.

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The Legacy


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