Rethinking New Testament Textual Criticism

Rethinking New Testament Textual Criticism

New Testament textual criticism is an important but often overlooked field
of study. Results drawn from textual studies bear important consequences for
interpreting the New Testament and cannot be ignored by serious students of
Scripture. This book introduces current issues in New Testament textual
criticism and surveys the various methods used to determine the original text
among variant readings.
These essays from Eldon Jay Epp, Michael Holmes,
J. K. Elliott, Maurice Robinson, and Moises Silva represent the best of current
scholarship and provide readers with an excellent introduction to the field of
New Testament textual criticism.
'An important 'turn of the century'
contribution to New Testament textual criticism, this book addresses questions
of methodology and allows proponents to speak for themselves and to one
another. This book should serve as a useful introduction to the major issue in
the field. I am glad to commend it.' - Gordon Fee
'A brief but
important collection of studies that rethink aspects of NT textual criticism. .
. . Beginning students will be relieved to know that this engaging little book
takes the tedium out of textual-criticism theory. It is highly
recommended.' - Craig A. Evans
'Readers of this book will be
challenged and instructed in the art and science of textual criticism.' -
Bruce M. Metzger
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Rethinking New Testament Textual Criticism


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