Christ and the Decree

Christ and the Decree

Christology and Predestination in Reformed Theology from Calvin to Perkins.
In Christ and the Decree, one of the foremost scholars of Calvinism today expounds the doctrines of Christ and predestination as they were developed by Calvin, Bullinger, Musculus, Vermigli, Beza, Ursinus, Zanchi, Polanus, and Perkins. Muller analyzes the relationship of these two doctrines to each other and to the soteriological structure of the system.
Back by demand, this seminal work on the relationship between Calvin and the Calvinists is once again available with a new contextualizing preface by the author. It offers a succinct introduction to the early development of Calvinism/Reformation thought.
'[Muller] has undertaken a massive exposition of the teachings of Reformed theologians extending from Calvin through William Perkins [...] concerning predestination and Christology. [...] Anyone who wishes to refute Muller's conclusions will necessarily have to spend many long hours with the Latin tomes which constitute the basis for his thorough study. Meanwhile, those who interpret 'Calvin and the Calvinism' would be well advised to give heed to Muller's conclusions.' - James Leo Garrett
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Christ and the Decree


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