A Reader's Guide to Calvin's Institutes

A Streamlined Introduction to the Heart of Calvin's Theology.
2009 marks the 500th anniversary of John Calvin's birth, and throughout the year
scholars from around the world are gathering to discuss Calvin and his
influence. Calvin's Institutes is one of the great classics of Christian
theology. Here a leading Calvin expert offers an affordable guide to reading
the Institutes (keyed to the McNeill/Battles translation).
The book includes
annotations to selected readings that offer readers a streamlined introduction
to the heart of Calvin's theology. Dividing the Institutes into thirty-two
portions, the author has chosen an average of eighteen pages to be read from
each portion to cover the whole range of the Institutes and provide readers
with passages critical to understanding Calvin's theology. The notes guide
readers through the text, concentrating on the sections chosen for reading,
summarizing the material, and drawing attention to the most significant
footnotes in the McNeill/Battles edition. An introduction and questions at the
beginning of each portion direct the reader's attention to important points,
and a brief guide at the end of each portion suggests further reading. The book
will serve professors and students of the Institutes; courses in Calvin,
Reformed theology, and historical theology; and readers seeking a guide to the
'A concise yet meticulous guide to the Battles
translation of the Institutes. It will be an invaluable help to new readers of
Calvin's great work.' - Paul Helm
'Lane is one of the world's
most well-respected Calvin scholars. In this book, he draws on his impressive
knowledge of the Reformer to provide contemporary readers with a careful guide
to the structure, argument, and content of the 1559 edition of the Institutes.
After an introductory essay setting the work in context, the author guides the
reader through the complexities of the text in a sure-footed and accessible
way. This work clearly supersedes previous reading guides and is likely to
become the standard overview.' - Carl R. Trueman
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A Reader's Guide to Calvin's Institutes


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