Pauline Christology

Pauline Christology

An Exegetical-Theological Study.
An exhaustive study of Pauline Christology by noted Pauline scholar, Gordon
Fee. The author provides a detailed analysis of the letters of Paul (including
those whose authorship is questioned) individually, exploring the Christology
of each one, and then attempts a synthesis of the exegetical work into a
biblical Christology of Paul. The author's synthesis covers the following
themes: Christ's roles as divine Savior and as preexistent and incarnate
Savior; Jesus as the Second Adam, the Jewish Messiah, and Son of God; and as
the Messiah and exalted Lord.
Fee also explores the relationship between Christ and the Spirit and considers
the Person and role of the Spirit in PaulÉs thought. Appendices cover the theme
of Christ and Personified Wisdom, and Paul's use of Kurios (Lord) in citations
and echoes of the Septuagint. (= 9781598560350 / 9780801046254)
Having given us the standard work on Paul's understanding of the Holy " Spirit, he has now filled a surprising gap in Pauline studies by writing a
remarkably comprehensive and detailed account of Pauline Christology. He work
helpfully (and rightly) covers all the letters in the Pauline corpus. He draws
on his close lifetime study of the material to present a clear and gripping
account of Paul's high Christology in constant reasoned debate with scholars
who interpret the material in other ways. - I. Howard Marshall"
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Pauline Christology


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