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The Last Adam

The Last Adam

There is much discussion today about how we are to understand the life
of Jesus in the Gospels. What was Jesus doing between his birth and death and
how does this relate to salvation?

The Last Adam considers the theological and soteriological significance
of the life of Jesus in the Gospels from a primarily exegetical perspective.
Brandon Crowe argues that Jesus is identified in the Gospels as the last Adam
whose obedience recapitulates and overcomes the sin of the first Adam. Crowe
shows that Jesus's obedience is presented by the Evangelists as the
obedience of an anointed representative, which is counted vicariously on behalf
of his people. Key topics covered include Jesus's baptism and temptation,
his fulfilment of Scripture, the necessity of his works, the binding of the
strong man and the inbreaking of the kingdom, and Jesus's death and
resurrection. Crowe also discusses how his argument interfaces with systematic
theology and the church's creedal traditions, which are often thought to
say little about Jesus's life.

Correcting the Christian tendency to minimize the life of Jesus, The
Last Adam explains why the Gospels include much more than the Passion
Narratives and shows that all four Gospels present Jesus's obedient life as
having saving significance.

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The Last Adam


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