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Behind the Scenes of the Old Testament

Behind the Scenes of the Old Testament

This authoritative volume brings together a team of world-class scholars to
cover the full range of Old Testament backgrounds studies in a concise,
up-to-date, and comprehensive manner. With expertise in various subdisciplines
of Old Testament backgrounds, the authors illuminate the cultural, social, and
historical contexts of the world behind the Old Testament. They introduce
readers to a wide range of background materials, covering history, geography,
archaeology, and ancient Near Eastern textual and iconographic studies.
Meant to be used alongside traditional literature-based canonical surveys, this
one-stop introduction to Old Testament backgrounds fills a gap in typical
introduction to the Bible courses. It contains over 100 illustrations,
including photographs, line drawings, maps, charts, and tables, which will
facilitate its use in the classroom.
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Behind the Scenes of the Old Testament


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