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Christian Doctrine and the Old Testament

Christian Doctrine and the Old Testament

The Old Testament offers a rich palette of ideas, images, and
narratives that help us unpack some of the more compact and opaque theological
ideas of the New Testament. In conversation with both Christian and Jewish
interpreters, prominent scholar Gary Anderson explores the exegetical
background of key Christian doctrines. Through a deeper reading of our
two-Testament Bible, he illustrates that Christian doctrines have an organic
connection to biblical texts and that doctrine can clarify meanings in the text
that are foreign to modern, Western readers. Anderson traces the development of
doctrine through the history of interpretation, discussing controversial topics
such as the fall of man, creation out of nothing, the treasury of merit, and
the veneration of Mary along the way. He demonstrates that church doctrines are
more clearly grounded in Scripture than modern biblical scholarship has often
supposed and that the Bible can define and elaborate the content of these

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Christian Doctrine and the Old Testament


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