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Everyday Glory

Everyday Glory

How do we know and speak about God and God's relation to the world? Does God
reveal himself through his creation?
In Everyday Glory, widely respected theologian Gerald McDermott recaptures a
Christian vision of reality that has been lost for most of the last century:
that all the world is full of divine signs that are openings into God's glory.
Bringing together insights from some of the tradition's greatest
thinkers--Jonathan Edwards, John Henry Newman, and Karl Barth--McDermott
resurrects a robust theology of creation for Protestants. He argues that
contemporary Christianity must chart a course between natural" and "revealed" " varieties of theological reasoning and shows how and where meaning can be found
outside the church and special revelation in various realms of creation,
including nature, science, law, history, animals, sex, and sports.
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Everyday Glory


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