ECC: Isaiah 40 - 66

ECC: Isaiah 40 - 66

Translation and Commentary.
This Eerdmans Critical Commentary volume is Shalom Paul's comprehensive,
all-inclusive study of the oracles of an anonymous prophet known only as Second
Isaiah who prophesied in the second half of the sixth century B.C.E. Paul
examines Isaiah 40û66 through a close reading of the biblical text, offering
thorough exegesis of the historical, linguistic, literary, and theological
aspects of the prophet's writings. He also looks carefully at intertextual
influences of earlier biblical and extrabiblical books, draws on the
contributions of medieval Jewish commentators, and supports the contention that
Second Isaiah should include chapters 55û66, thus eliminating the need to
demarcate a Third Isaiah.
A superb commentary. Not only does Shalom Paul bring to Isaiah 40-66 his " great exegetical skill and all the resources of contemporary biblical
scholarship, but he also brings a mastery of the important and often neglected
insights of the pioneering medieval Hebrew grammarians and commentators, an
acute sensitivity to the book's indebtedness and allusions to other parts of
the Bible, and an unsurpassed knowledge of the ancient Near Eastern literary
heritage and the culture of sixth-century BCE Babylonia in which the prophet
and his audience lived. - Jeffrey H. Tigay"
Paul's sensitivity to the linguistic nuances of the prophet's " sophisticated Hebrew and to the richness of his allusions is shared with
readers in clear, accessible prose. The freshness of his original observations
and insights makes this commentary an important milestone in scholarship on
Isaiah 40-66 that will have a lasting influence on how the book is taught,
preached, and understood. - Ziony Zevit"
Series: The Eerdmans Critical Commentary.
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ECC: Isaiah 40 - 66


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