In the Fullness of Time

In the Fullness of Time

Over the course of his distinguished career Richard Bauckham has made
pioneering contributions to diverse areas of scholarship ranging from ethics
and contemporary issues to hermeneutical problems and theology, often drawing
together disciplines and fields of research all too commonly kept separate from
one another.

In this volume some of the most eminent figures in modern biblical and
theological scholarship present essays honoring Bauckham. Addressing a variety
of subjects related to Christology, creation, and eschatology, the contributors
develop elements of Bauckham's biblical and theological work further,
present fresh research of their own to complement his work, and raise critical

* Philip Alexander
* Jeremy S. Begbie
* David Brown
* James R. Davila
* James D. G. Dunn
* Philip F. Esler
* Daniel M. Gurtner
* Trevor Hart
* Larry W. Hurtado
* Bruce W. Longenecker
* Grant Macaskill
* Sean M. McDonough
* Jürgen Moltmann
* Micheal O'Siadhail
* Jonathan T. Pennington
* N. T. Wright

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In the Fullness of Time


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