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Saving Calvinism

Is there hope for Calvinism beyond TULIP?

For many, Calvinism evokes the idea of a harsh God who saves a select
few and condemns others to eternal torment. Others find comfort in the Five
Points of TULIP with its emphasis on the sovereignty of God's grace.

Oliver Crisp thinks both sides have too small a picture of the Reformed
tradition. There are ample resources for developing a more expansive Calvinism.
Reformed Christians have inherited a vast mansion, but many of them only live
in two rooms, reading John Calvin and Jonathan Edwards on repeat, while the
rest of the house lies waiting for someone to discover its treasures.

Saving Calvinism explores some of the thorniest problems in the
Reformed tradition, including free will, the extent of the atonement, and the
possibility of universal salvation. By engaging a host of Reformed thinkers and
exploring often ignored ideas, Crisp shows that Calvinism is much more diverse
and flexible than the stereotype suggests.

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Saving Calvinism


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