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The Lost World of the Flood

The Lost World of the Flood

The flood continued forty days on the earth; and the waters " increased, and bore up the ark, and it rose high above the earth . . . and the
ark floated on the face of the waters (Gen 6:17-18 NRSV).

In modern times the Genesis flood account has been probed and analyzed
for answers to scientific, apologetic, and historical questions. It is a text
that has called forth 'flood geology,' fueled searches for remnants
of the ark on Mount Ararat, and inspired a full-size replica of Noah's ark
in a theme park. Some claim that the very veracity of Scripture hinges on a
particular reading of the flood narrative. But do we understand what we are

Longman and Walton urge us to ask what the biblical author might have
been saying to his ancient audience. Our quest to rediscover the biblical flood
requires that we set aside our own cultural and interpretive assumptions and
visit the distant world of the ancient Near East. Responsible interpretation
calls for the patient examination of the text within its ancient context of
language, literature, and thought. And as we return from that lost world to our
own, we will need to ask whether geological science supports the notion of
flood geology.

To read Longman and Walton is to put our feet on firmer interpretive
ground. Without attempting to answer all of our questions, they lift the fog of
modernity and allow the sunlight to reveal the true contours of the text. As
with other books in the Lost World series, The Lost World of the Flood is an
informative and enlightening journey toward a more responsible reading of a
timeless biblical narrative.

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The Lost World of the Flood


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