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NSBT 12: Now My Eyes Have Seen You

NSBT 12: Now My Eyes Have Seen You

Images of Creation and Evil in the Book of Job.
Few biblical
texts are more daunting, and yet more fascinating, than the book of Job--and
few have been the subject of such diverse interpretation. For Robert Fyall, the
mystery of God's ways and the appalling evil and suffering in the world are at
the heart of Job's significant contribution to the cannon of Scripture. This
study offers a holistic reading of Job, with particular reference to its
depiction of creation and evil, and finds significant clues to its meaning in
the striking imagery it uses.
Fyall takes seriously the literary and
artistic integrity of the book of Job, as well as its theological profundity.
He concludes that it is not so much about suffering per se as about
creation, providence and knowing God, and how--in the crucible of
suffering--these are to be understood. He encourages us to listen to this
remarkable literature, to be moved by it, and to see its progress from
shrieking protest to repentence and vision. (= 0830826122 /
'We do not begin to gain a real grasp of the message
of the book of Job, and of its contribution to the canon, apart from a more
detailed grasp of its imagery and drama. Here Dr. Fyall is a sure-footed guide:
not only does he lecture in Old Testament, but he preaches regularly in a
church that draws several hundred university students--something that does not
usually happen unless the preacher has something to say from the Bible, and
says it well. In this book many more can listen with pleasure and profit.'
- D.A. Carson
Series: New Studies in Biblical Theology,
volume 12.
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NSBT 12: Now My Eyes Have Seen You


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