NSBT 03: Jesus and the Logic of History

NSBT 03: Jesus and the Logic of History

At the heart of the Christian faith stands a man, Jesus of Nazareth. Few people
seriously question whether Jesus existed in history. But many, influenced by
the more skeptical scholars, doubt that the Christ of orthodox Christianity is
the same as the Jesus of history.
In this important book, historian Paul W. Barnett lays these doubts to rest. He
uncovers the methodological weaknesses present in some forms of critical
scholarship, demonstrating a failure to account for important early evidence
about Jesus.
Once the evidence is properly marshalled, a picture of Jesus emerges that fits
well with orthodox belief in him. (= 9780830826032)
Barnett offers important contributions to the manner in which we may " responsibly work as both historians and theologians to understand not only the
nascent Christian church, but also the historical Jesus whom they confessed.
[...] Barnett's work deserves wide dissemination. - D.A. Carson"
Series: New Studies in Biblical Theology, volume 3.
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NSBT 03: Jesus and the Logic of History


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