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NSBT 06: Now Choose Life

NSBT 06: Now Choose Life

Theology and Ethics in Deuteronomy.
Though written thousands
of years ago, the book of Deuteronomy is unmatched in its relevance for the
affluent Western church of today. Moses' words were meant to equip God's people
for living godly lives in a prosperous, pluralistic world. The cultural changes
now taking place in our own social setting make the parallel between Israel and
the church - and what Deuteronomy has to say - both pertinent and instructive.

Now Choose Life offers a significant study of Deuteronomy that
recovers this Scripture's vibrant message for the contemporary Christian
community. Showing the major contribution that Deuteronomy makes to our
understanding of the Bible as a whole, J. Gary Millar explores Deuteronomy's
ethical teaching in the light of its most important theological themes:
covenant, journey, law, the nations, and human nature. His perceptive analysis
reveals the power with which Deuteronomy calls God's covenant people, from
ancient Israelites to modern-day Christians, to hear God's voice and do his
will. (= 0830826068 / 9780830826063)
'This study helps make sense of
the book of Deuteronomy [...]. Millar also includes tatalizing hints about the
ways in which the theology of Deuteronomy should be integrated into the entire
canon.' - D.A. Carson
Series: New Studies in Biblical Theology,
volume 6.
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NSBT 06: Now Choose Life


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