Dictionary of New Testament Background

Dictionary of New Testament Background

A Compendium of Contemporary Biblical Scholarship.
The Dictionary of New Testament Background joins the earlier three dictionaries on the  New Testament. In a time when our knowledge of the ancient Mediterranean world has grown by bounds, this volume sets out for readers the wealth of Jewish and Greco-Roman background that should inform our reading and understanding of the New Testament and early Christianity. The Dictionary of New Testament Background takes full advantage of the flourishing study of the Dead Sea Scrolls and offers individual articles focused on the most important scrolls. In addition, the Dictionary encompasses the fullness of second-temple Jewish writings, whether pseudepigraphic, rabbinic, parables, proverbs, histories or inscriptions. Articles abound on aspects of Jewish life and though t, including family, purity, liturgy and messianism. The full scope of Greco-Roman culture is displayed in articles ranging across language and rhetoric, literacy and book benefactors, travel and trade, intellectual movements and ideas, and ancient geographical perspectives. Here an entire library of scholarship is made available in summary form. Written by acknowledged experts in their fields, this wealth of knowledge of the New Testament era is carefully aimed at the needs of contemporary students of the New Testament. And its full bibliographies and cross-references to other volumes in the series will make it the first book to reach for in any investigation of the New Testament in its ancient setting. (= 0830817808 / 9780830817801)
Editors: Craig A. Evans and Stanley E. Porter.
'Where would you go to find a succinct overview about marriage, sex and the family in the New Testament world? [...] These and numerous related topics are all addressed in this new blockbuster - DNTB. [...] Contributions are both up-to-date and filled with detailed state-of-the-art bibliographic references. A must buy for anyone who wants in one volume so rich an array of historical and cultural background information for the New Testament.' - Craig L. Blomberg
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Dictionary of New Testament Background


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