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Warnings to the Churches

The ambiguity and obscurity of statements from religious leaders today
often confuse ordinary Christians. J.C. Ryle's writings were of a
different character. His outspoken comments can still help us towards clear
Bible-based convictions.

The church's doctrine and practice are in constant danger of
being corrupted from their original divinely-given character. Seeing this, Ryle
felt compelled to utter a warning, however controversial this might prove. As
he observes, 'There are times when controversy is...a benefit. Give
me the mighty thunderstorm rather than the pestilential malaria. The one walks
in darkness and poisons us in silence...The other frightens and alarms us
for a little season. But it is soon over, and it clears the air'.

Strong convictions and clarity of expression always mark Ryle's
writings. Nowhere is this more evident than in the addresses and articles
brought together as Warnings to the Churches.

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Warnings to the Churches


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