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Memoirs & Remains (A Bonar ed)

Memoirs & Remains (A Bonar ed)

Edited by Andrew A. Bonar.
Few books have been better loved than the Memoir and Remains of Robert Murray
M'Cheyne. Its circulation underlines this. First published in 1844, within
twenty-five years it went through one hundred and sixteen English editions. In
1910 it was estimated that, including translations into other languages, not
less than half a million copies were in circulation. Few books have had such a
widespread influence on the lives of God's people. Testimonies to its
usefulness were received from many lands and Christians of differing
theological persuasions have testified to the blessing experiences through
reading it.
This is one of the best and most profitable volumes ever published", said C.H. " Spurgeon. The memoir of such a man ought surely to be in the hands of every " Christian and certainly every preacher of the Gospel. "
Few books contain such variety and welath of spiritual matter between their
covers. As well as the life covering 174 pages, the work contains a good
selection of letters, sermons, other writings and sacred songs.
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Memoirs & Remains (A Bonar ed)


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