The Korean Pentecost

The Korean Pentecost

and the Sufferings which Followed.
In 1977 the Trust published this remarkable account of the first 60 years or so
of the modern church in Korea (mainly North Korea). William Blair (1876û1970),
in his first term of missionary service, was at the centre of the great revival
of 1907, and his account of this and the events leading up to it forms the
first part of the book. Blair includes a thrilling description of how the
gospel first came to Korea.
The account is then taken up by his son-in-law, Bruce Hunt (1903û92) ù born in
Pyengyang, now the capital of North Korea ù who shows how the revival was
followed by a baptism of suffering under the Japanese and Communists. During
his forty-eight years of missionary service in Korea, Hunt personally knew many
of the Korean Christian martyrs.
This new edition of The Korean Pentecost has been completely re-typeset, and
includes fifteen additional illustrations.
[The Korean Pentecost] Shows what God can do when His people take Him at " His Word. - J.G. Vos"
Authors: William N. Blair and Bruce F. Hunt
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The Korean Pentecost


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