GENEVA: Haggai, Zecharaiah and Malachi

GENEVA: Haggai, Zecharaiah and Malachi

A Commentary.
Thomas Moore (1818-1871), along with such men
as Charles Hodge and J.A. Alexander, was an American commentator who set a
standard of biblical exposition which has not been surpassed and rarely
equalled. The present volume brings together his commentaries on Haggai,
Zechariah and Malachi into one volume - the form in which they originally
appeared in 1856. 'My object', writes Moore, 'has been to furnish such an
exposition of the meaning of the text as would be intelligible to any thinking
layman who wished to understand the Scriptures thoroughly, and also to aid my
brethren in the ministry.' Rather than 'spoon-feed' the reader, Moore indicates
how Scripture should be developed in practical application.
'A capital book. Most useful to ministers.' - C.H. Spurgeon
Series: Geneva Series of Commentaries.
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GENEVA: Haggai, Zecharaiah and Malachi


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