The Ten Commandments

The Ten Commandments

In this book Thomas Watson continues his exposition of the Shorter
Catechism drawn up by the Westminster Assembly. Watson was one of the most
popular preachers in London during the Puritan era. His writings are
characterized by clarity, raciness and spiritual richness. The series of three
volumes, of which this is the second, makes an ideal introduction to Puritan

There are few matters about which the Puritans differ more from
present-day Christians than in their assessment of the importance of the ten
commandments. The commandments, they held, are the first thing in Christianity
which the natural man needs to be taught and they should be the daily concern
of the Christian to the last.

In The Ten Commandments Watson examines the moral law as a whole as
well as bringing out the meaning and force of each particular commandment. In
view of the important function of the law in Christian life and evangelism this
is a most valuable volume.

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The Ten Commandments


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