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I Will Be Your God

I Will Be Your God

How God's Covenant Enriches Our Lives.
Moore provides a
clear, compelling look at GodÉs covenant, and encourages a more covenantal
outlook and lifestyle on the part of Christian men and women. Like many of
us, Moore once viewed the Bible as little more than a handbook on
conversion and moral living. Then he came to see the larger view set forth in
the biblical teaching on GodÉs covenant. Moore writes, 'I began to see that all
of life is there for taking and remaking - a richer devotional life, sustained
growth in the Lord, renewed and more loving relationships, meaningful work and
leisure, and the calling to transform every institution, all of culture and
society, according to the wisdom and grace of God. I had never heard the
Christian faith explained in such cosmic and powerful terms. I was stunned.
Where had I been? Why was my own experience of Christ so shallow and
selfcentered? [...] All at once, as if in a moment, I experienced a stretching
of my mind, a reenergizing of my soul, and a kindling of fervor in my heart
such as I had never known before.'
I Will Be Your God is dedicated to
encouraging such an outlook on life. It does so by promoting a better
understanding of the nature, meaning and implications of living in God's
'Personal, practical, and relevant [...] a most engaging
and insightful explanation of the covenant. The greatness and grace of God
radiate from it with help and hope.' - Luder Whitlock
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I Will Be Your God


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