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Systematic Theology

Systematic Theology

This comprehensive systematic theology by respected theologian Robert Letham
covers the whole field of Reformed Christian doctrine from biblical,
historical, and theological angles.
Letham begins with God's ultimate selfrevelation as the Father, the Son, and
the Holy Spirit in indivisible union, continuing on with the works of God in
creation, providence, and grace. He draws deeply from Scripture and important
voices from the church to provide a clear and concise articulation of the
Reformed faith. He also addresses current issues such as feminism, charismatic
gifts, sexual ethics, environmentalism, other religions, the nature of truth,
and civil liberties. Each chapter is followed by discussion questions, with a
glossary of terms included at the end.
This work grounds theological understanding and practice in the life and
ministry of the church, accessible to pastors, students, scholars, and anyone
who desires to understand, believe, and live scriptural doctrine more fully.
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Systematic Theology


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