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The Whole Christ

The Whole Christ

Since the days of the early church, Christians have wrestled with the
relationship between law and gospel. If, as the apostle Paul says, salvation is
by grace and the law cannot save, what relevance does the law have for
Christians today?

By revisiting the Marrow Controversy-a famous but largely
forgotten eighteenth-century debate related to the proper relationship between
God's grace and our works-Sinclair B. Ferguson sheds light on this
central issue and why it still matters today. In doing so, he explains how our
understanding of the relationship between law and gospel determines our
approach to evangelism, our pursuit of sanctification, and even our
understanding of God himself.

Ferguson shows us that the antidote to the poison of legalism on the
one hand and antinomianism on the other is one and the same: the life-giving
gospel of Jesus Christ, in whom we are simultaneously justified by faith, freed
for good works, and assured of salvation.

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The Whole Christ


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