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Works 07: The Holy Spirit - The Helper

Works 07: The Holy Spirit - The Helper

Regarded as one of the greatest theologians in history, 17th-century pastor John Owen remains influential among those interested in Puritan and Reformed theology. The Complete Works of John Owen brings together all of Owen’s original theological writing, including never-before-published work, reformatted for modern readers in 40 user-friendly volumes.

Volume 7, The Holy Spirit—The Helper, includes the treatises “The Reason of Faith” and “The Causes, Ways, and Means of Understanding the Mind of God as Revealed in His Word.” Exploring the topics of illumination and biblical interpretation, it features 50 pages of helpful introductions by editor Andrew Ballitch, along with outlines, footnotes, and other supporting resources.

Released over a number of years, The Complete Works of John Owen will inspire a new generation of Bible readers and scholars to deeper faith.

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Works 07: The Holy Spirit - The Helper


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