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Reading Richard Dawkins

Reading Richard Dawkins

A Theological Dialogue with New Atheism.
Theological reactions to the rise of the new atheist movement have largely been
critically hostile or defensively deployed apologetics to shore up the faith
against attack. Gary Keogh contends that focusing on scholarly material that is
inherently agreeable to theology will not suffice in the context of modern
academia. Theology, he says, needs to test its boundaries.
Reading Richard Dawkins illustrates how dialogue with antithetical viewpoints
offers new perspectives on classical theological problems. Keogh demonstrates
how a dialogical paradigm may take shapeone which is up to the task of facing
its critics in the context of modern academia.
Keogh adds more colour to our intellectual world by engaging theologically " with the writings of Richard Dawkins, not as a foe or a friend but as a serious
conversation partner. Keogh thereby sets an example for religious reflection in
a modern, pluralistic context. He provides a great opportunity to encounter
theologies that appreciate an evolutionary understanding of life on Earth. - " Willem B. Drees
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Reading Richard Dawkins


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