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Re-Visioning the Church

Re-Visioning the Church

An Experiment in Systematic-historical Ecclesiology.
According to longstanding tradition, theology can be thought of as faith " seeking understanding. Ecclesiology, then, seeks to understand the theological " reality we call church. Re-Visioning the Church, the outcome of nearly two
decades of research and writing towards constructing a systematic historical
ecclesiology, applies a social scientific and historical outlook to the story
of the emergence, development, and ongoing mission and ministry of the church.
Establishing a critical framework for understanding the structures of the
church, the work is a wide-scale exploration of the religious, cultural, and
social dimensions of what it means to be the church and what structures and
ministries form the fundamental parts of ecclesial life in its relationship to
the kingdom. The heart of the project is a detailed account of the history,
development, and change across the centuries of the church that takes the story
from the apostolic band of witnesses to the dramatic global event of the Second
Vatican Council.
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Re-Visioning the Church


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