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Meet the Puritans

Meet the Puritans

With a Guide to Modern Reprints.
Beeke and Pederson have
produced a tremendous gift to and resource for all who want an entryway into
the study of the Puritans. They not only provide accurate biographical and
theological introduction to every Puritan whose works have been reprinted in
the last fifty years, but also combine with their helpful summaries an
insightful analysis. If this were not enough, theyÉve added major appendices
that include the so-called ÈScottish PuritansÉ (that is, the great Scottish
theologians who were contemporaries of and like-minded brethren in doctrine and
piety with the English Puritans) as well as the Dutch Further Reformation
(Nadere Reformatie) divines.
Authors: Joel Beeke and Randall
'Meet the Puritans is a cornucopia of good things: a
remarkable portrait gallery, a wonderful library of biographies, a readerÉs
guide to great Christian literature, a record of an international movement of
the Spirit, a personal tutorial in Puritan history and theology - and much
more.' - Sinclair B. Ferguson
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Meet the Puritans


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