The Life of God in the Soul of Man

The Life of God in the Soul of Man

Henry Scougal died in 1657 at the age of 27 but by then he was already
Professor of Divinity at Aberdeen University.

This timeless classic was originally written to encourage a friend and
stimulate his spiritual life. It was so appreciated that it was later published
as a book for a wider readership.

A hundred years later a copy was sent to George Whitefield by his
friend, Charles Wesley - it was instrumental in Whitefield's conversion.
This book provided much of the stimulation behind the Methodist Revival of
Britain and the Great Awakening in America.

In it Scougal explains the four essential characteristics of divine
life, their excellence, their advantages and the practical steps that you can
take in realising them as your personal experience.

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The Life of God in the Soul of Man


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