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Hidden But Now Revealed

A Biblical Theology of Mystery.
When reading through the Bible, it is impossible to ignore the troubling fact
that Israel and its leadersÂùand even Jesus' own disciplesÂùseem unable to
fully grasp the messianic identity and climactic mission of Jesus. If his true
deity, his death and resurrection and his role in the establishment of God's
eternal kingdom were predicted in the Old Testament and in his own teachings,
how could the leading biblical scholars of their time miss it? This book
explores the biblical conception of mystery as an initial, partially hidden
revelation that is subsequently more fully revealed, shedding light not only on
the richness of the concept itself, but also on the broader relationship
between the Old and New Testaments.
Exploring all the occurrences of the term mystery in the New Testament and the
topics found in conjunction with them, this work unpacks how the New Testament
writers understood the issue of continuity and discontinuity. This
investigation of the notion of mystery sharpens our understanding of how the
Old Testament relates to the New and explores topics such as kingdom,
crucifixion, the relationship between Jews and Gentiles and more. As such, it
is a model for attentive and faithful biblical theology intended for students,
scholars, pastors and lay people who wish to seriously engage the Scriptures.
(= 9780830827183)
An intriguing theological and exegetical exploration of a key New " Testament theme, especially in Paul. As the book's authors argue, the early
Christian use of 'mysteries' surely reflects the strong influence of
Daniel. - Craig Keener"
Authors: G.K. Beale and Benjamin L.Gladd.
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Hidden But Now Revealed


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