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TNTC 03: Luke

TNTC 03: Luke

In this insightful and accessible biblical commentary, Nicholas Perrin explores the many unique pictures of Jesus found in the Gospel of Luke – from being a child in his Father’s house to associating with the poor and disreputable, in communion with the Holy Spirit, and, above all, setting out resolutely for Jerusalem to fulfil God’s plan for the world.

With particular attention to the redemptive-historical storyline and its scriptural roots, Perrin examines how Luke’s Gospel is embedded in human history. He also show how it follows a cyclical narrative structure, with each recapitulation expanding the horizons of what has gone before.

Perceptive, cogent and thorough, Nicholas Perrin’s commentary on Luke will give you a renewed appreciation for Luke’s Gospel and a greater understanding of why it is such a vital part of Scripture.

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TNTC 03: Luke


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