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New Dictionary of Christian Apologetics

New Dictionary of Christian Apologetics

This major reference work is offered as a resource for today's church in its
life, worship, and mission to the world. It aims to enable readers not merely
to defend the gospel of Jesus Christ against attack, but also to commend it
positively. The Dictionary addresses the main intellectual objections to the
Christian faith, and puts the case in its favour from a wide variety of
perspectives. But since apologetics is the task of the whole person, the
contributors also consider how the truth of the church's message can be
demonstrated within the diverse elements of contemporary culture. Christian
students and scholars in all major disciplines, pastors and lay leaders of
local churches, and anyone actively involved in evangelism or social outreach
will be empowered by this dictionary to witness more effectively to Christ, in
word and deed. (= 0830824510 / 9780830824519)
Editors: Jack
Campbell, Gavin J. McGrath, and C. Stephen Evans.
'At a time when we
are increasingly bombarded by attempts to debunk the faith, Christians need a
firm grasp on the coherence and credibility of their beliefs. This volume makes
a massive contribution to this need and does so in a way that is readily
accessible to any person who takes the trouble to think.' - Nigel G.
'This volume presents a detailed summary of the diverse and
vibrant history of apologetics, its approaches and proponents. I trust this
fine work will find its way into many a pastor and student's library.' -
Ravi Zacharias
Recommended € 54,90
€ 39,90

New Dictionary of Christian Apologetics


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