Prayers on the Psalms

Prayers on the Psalms

From The Scottish Psalter of 1595.
The Scottish Psalter of 1595 was unique in that it contained a series of
prayers on the Psalms. Regarded as 'one of the little-known devotional
treasures of the Scottish Church' these prayers breathe the spirit of humble
confidence in God in the midst of trouble and persecution. Presented here in
slightly updated form they are sure to suggest much matter for prayer in
public, private, and family worship.

To read the work of a Puritan doctor of the soul is to enter a rich world " of spiritual theology to feed the mind, heart-searching analysis to probe the
conscience, Christ-centred grace to transform the heart, and wise counsel to
direct the life. This series of Pocket Puritans provides all this in miniature,
but also in abundance. - Sinclair B. Ferguson
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Prayers on the Psalms


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