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Practical Religion

Practical Religion

Being Plain Papers on the Duties, Experience, Dangers, and Privileges of
Professing Christians.
As with all RyleÆs works, Practical Religion is clear, concise and penetrating.
It was designed to be a companion to his other books, Old Paths, Knots Untied
and Holiness, providing guidance on how the Christian believer is to live. In
RyleÆs own words, it 'treats of the daily duties, dangers, experience, and
privileges of all who profess and call themselves true Christians.'
Far from advocating a works-based religion, these papers are all about how a
Christian can practically respond to the grace that has been freely given to
him in the person of the Lord Jesus Christ. Ryle was a great enemy of
hypocritical and nominal religion, or æchurchianityÆ as he called it. These
articles remain a great plea for a real, heartfelt devotion to the Lord in love
and service, founded on the great doctrines of Scripture.
No Christian who reads any one of these papers will be left unaffected.
'Believer in Christ, remember this! Whatever you do in religion, do it well. Be
real. Be thorough. Be honest. Be true.'
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Practical Religion


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