Institutes of the Christian Religion - Edition 1541

Calvin's Own 'Essentials' Edition.
The Institutes of the Christian Religion are CalvinÆs single most important
work, and one of the key texts to emerge from the Reformation of the sixteenth
century. The book accompanied the Reformer throughout his life, growing in size
from what was essentially an expanded catechism in 1536 to a full-scale work of
biblical theology in 1559/1560.
Among the intermediate editions of the Institutes, none deserves to be better
known than the first French edition of 1541. Avoiding the technical details and
much of the polemics of the final work, the Institutes of 1541 offer a clear
and comprehensive account of the work of Father, Son and Holy Spirit in
creation, revelation and redemption, in the life of the individual Christian
and in the worship and witness of the church.
Not doctrine only but its practical use is CalvinÆs abiding concern. The author
of the Institutes invites us both to know and to live the truth, and thus allow
GodÆs Spirit to transform us.
The present translation is newly made from the French edition of 1541 by Robert
White. It has been designed and annotated with the needs of a wide readership
in mind.
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Institutes of the Christian Religion - Edition 1541


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