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The Power and Sympathy of Christ

The Power and Sympathy of Christ

This book, The Power and Sympathy of Christ, contains six studies on John
chapter 11-one of the most remarkable chapters in all the New Testament. It
deals with themes most useful and interesting to all professing believers.
Just like the rest of the human race, Christians are 'born to trouble as the
sparks fly upward' (Job 5:7). They live in a dying world and are just as likely
to suffer sickness and death as their fellow men and women. Year after year the
gaps in their family circles increase; heaven seems to become more full, and
earth more empty. That is why, according to J. C. Ryle, it is never too soon to
look steadily at such great subjects as sorrow, sickness, death, the grave, and
the power and sympathy of Christ.
This little book, drawn from Ryle's larger work, Expository Thoughts on the
Gospels, will help you do just that.
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The Power and Sympathy of Christ


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