To be baptized is something very special. The first time your name was
mentioned in God's house was at the baptismal font. Baptism shows that
the Lord was willing to attach His Name to yours. Do you realize what a great
privilege this is? Would you be able to explain its meaning if called upon at
school or work?

This book has been written in order to help you to better understand
the significance of baptism. The essential point that remains is the necessity
of knowing the God of your baptism personally, with your heart. Already when
you were still very young He said to you, 'Seek Me and live.'

Because you have been baptized, in a special way you may know that
seeking the Lord will not be for naught. The Lord would not have done anything
wrong if He would have never let His voice to be heard again. Yet it has
pleased the Lord to speak to you already when you were still young. Hearken to
the voice of the Lord!

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