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Getting Back in the Race

Getting Back in the Race

The Cure for Backsliding.
Every Christian faces numerous discouragements in striving to follow Christ.
Our knees go weak and our hands hang down when we face personal failure, when
others let us down, or when providence denies our desires. Disappointment can
lead to discouragement, and discouragement may end in doubt, fear, and even
despair. We feel weak and tire, emotionally and spiritually, and we are tempted
to throw in the towel. But we must press on, firm in the confidence that we run
alongside other believers, that we run a well-trodden course, and that we run
with GodÆs inexhaustible assistance and support. May God use this book to
strengthen you and keep you running in the race until you reach the goal,
obtain the prize, and receive your crown from the hand of Christ in glory!
Beeke, like the spiritual physician he is, exposes to us the reasons why " backsliding happens and how God is His grace maps out for us the way back to
spiritual health. This is a book for all Christians, certainly not only for
those who are in the sad state of backsliding. Prevention is always better than
cure. - Rev. Ian Hamilton"
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Getting Back in the Race


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